Great Food and Plenty of it…is our motto onboard Habibi
Habibi’s unique Alfresco galley is a social affair, where our guests can see first hand the mouth watering freshly prepared meals our crew whip up.
From our great Aussie BBQ on the first night, (featuring tender steaks, giant snags (Aussie sausages), choice of yummy crispy salads and bread rolls), to cold meat platters, coleslaw’s, potato, Indian rice and egg salads for lunch, to Italian pasta night, featuring delicious pasta sauce, garlic & herb breads and Italian salads, made just like Mama used to!, to fresh fruit salad, a choice of cereals, toast and jams for breakfast, to pre dinner chips & dips, pastries and bruschetta’s, and not to forget chocolate cake and donuts for afternoon tea. Hmmm!

Does the Habibi galley cater for special diets?
Yes within reason, if you have special dietary needs, just let us know at the time of booking. We do cater for vegetarians and vegans at no extra



Dinner night 1

Dinner night 2


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